1. Kate Kenner
    March 9, 2016 @ 5:44 pm

    First of all there should not be this many people there or anywhere else. Second to say that hunting animals brings in money for anti poaching rangers, etc is like saying that we should kill people to bring in more money to support the police(in my stream of thinking anyway). Animals are not commodities but living and feeling beings. We are the only species that kills to boost our egos, for entertainment, or hang their body parts as decoration. killing for conservation? I don’t think so.


  2. Cale Korteland
    February 27, 2018 @ 10:18 pm

    Trophy hunting should be banned everywhere! the only time you should need to kill an animal is if your going to eat it! imagine that you were an animal in the wild and you were being watched by a person with a gun lining up a shot, he takes the shot. KABOOM your dead, the killer comes over and gets a picture with your carcass. He skins you takes your horns or antlers and makes your fur a nice blanket or coat and then sells it for a lot of money. and throws your body out. and only kills you for money. That shouldnt be what happens what should happen is, he takes the picture with the carcass takes the carcass skins it gets it turned into edible food and kills you to eat not to make money!!!!!


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