Twenty Below!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Less than $20
Keep your spending in check with these environmentally friendly stocking stuffer ideas—all for $20 or less. Celebrate the Christmas season without breaking the bank and, instead, purchase practical, eco-friendly gifts that you can feel good about giving.

Endangered Species All-Natural Hot Chocolate with Mint: $7.99

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without hot chocolate. Great for heating over the stove and sharing with loved ones, Endangered Species’ “All Natural Holiday Drinking Chocolate with Mint” is the perfect stocking stuffer! A taste of mint gives this traditional chocolate beverage an added delicious twist. What’s more, it comes in a resealable container, with 72% cocoa content, kosher certification, and is sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade, responsible labor practices and sustainable farming. Plus, 10% of all Endangered Species’ profits are donated to species and habitat conservation efforts. Order now and don’t worry about wrapping; Endangered Species beautifully wraps each holiday gift in a box, tied with ribbon.

Reuseit Hemp and Organic Cotton Napkin: $11.95

Reuseit’s Hemp and Organic Cotton “Everything Cloth” comes in a set of four and makes for a wonderful organic stocking stuffer. According to Reuseit, this is a multi-purpose product, meant to replace paper towels, wet wipes, paper napkins and even tissues. Some cloths are even embroidered with the message “I’m Not a Paper Towel.” The “Everything Cloth” is small enough to fold up and tuck in your pocket, and is made from a blend of soft, certified organic cotton (45%) and durable hemp (55%). It’s IMO and GOTS certified, machine washable, made with fair wages and fair labor, and, of course, reusable! With purchasing the “Everything Cloth,” Reuseit pledges to donate 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of natural resources.

Ten Thousand Villages Jatropha Soap: $4.00

Ten Thousand Villages is a nonprofit program that provides fair income to artisans from third world countries by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America. The income helps pay for food, education, health care and housing. The Jatropha Soap is handmade by artisans in Tanzania and is featured in Ten Thousand Villages’ Kwanzaa Collection. This handmade product comes wrapped in its own banana leaf and is made using the oil of jatropha seeds harvested in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The jatropha seed oil produces a fine, silky and smooth soap perfect for healing skin left dry and cracked by cold winter air. This product is a hefty 2.49 lbs of soap and is a great purchase to support those in need this Christmas. Place this beautiful handmade soap in the stocking of a loved one, share the story of this beneficial nonprofit company, and enjoy!

Herbal Animals Puppy Longstocking: $17.00

Herbal Animals started in 1994 when Lauren Rosenstadt Johnson, a single mom then living in Chicago, wanted to provide a natural solution to an age-old problem: how to get a good night’s rest. Today, Herbal Animals crafts soothing handmade herbal eye pillows of all sizes with organically grown cotton either low-impact dyed, or color grown (naturally grown in soft shades of green or brown). The Herbal Animals are then filled with relaxing blends of certified organically grown grains and herbs such as lemon balm, hops, lavender and chamomile. Herbal Animals has been featured in Self, Health for Women and Forbes, and on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and can be found in over 750 body care, gift, and natural living shops across the world. “Puppy Longstocking” is a “super human picker upper,” filled with fragrant lavender, mugwort, and chamomile – herbs that relieve nervous tension, headaches, insomnia and aching muscles. “Puppy Longstocking” comes in three colors; rust with black, peach with black, and lilac with black. For $17.00, this sweet stocking stuffer is a cozy little gift to help a loved one fall fast asleep during the busy Christmas season and beyond.

Rebagz Cozy Coin Purse Magnolia: $15.00

Rebagz, created by Marty Stevens-Heebner, is a leading sustainable handbag company based in sunny California. All their bags are made under fair labor conditions from recycled materials. The bags carry the Green America’s Seal of Approval and are a vivid fashion statement because Rebagz believes in looking good while doing good. Rebagz “Magnolia” is a coin purse made from recycled rice sacks and lined with two zippered compartments. The coin purses carry the rice bags’ own graphics, making each one -f-a-kind. Part of the company proceeds go to Greenpeace, the KIND Campaign and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. In addition, Rebagz donates $1 per order to Global Exchange, an organization that Mary Stevens-Heebner worked with when she did human rights work in Chiapas, Mexico.

Mad Gab’s Winter/Holiday Smootch Five Pack: $14.00

Mad Gab’s, the “wildly natural body care” company, started in 1991 when founder and president Gabrielle Melchionda created a recipe for homemade lip balm with beeswax and other natural ingredients. Developed in her mother’s kitchen as a college hobby, Mad Gab’s products quickly gained attention and began selling in stores. Today, Mad Gab’s is located in a 4,500 square-foot space in Maine. The Winter/Holiday Smooch Five Pack comes in a convenient snap pouch and contains balms in an array of delicious seasonal flavors: one Hot Cocoa Moose, two Candy Cane Moose, one Sugar Cookie Moose, and one Biscotti Moose flavor. All items are recyclable and, because of the simple packaging, Mad Gab’s fits right into a Christmas stocking!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® Bulb with Treat Spot™: $10.95

Since 1997, Planet Dog has brought people and dogs together with a shared environmental mission. The company donates 2% of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to support canine service programs nationwide. PDF provides cash grants to programs throughout the country that train, place, and support dogs that help people in need. Since January 2006, PDF has given away $750,000 in cash grants and in-kind product donations. Planet Dog’s holiday collection offers canine companions a full shopping list of organic dog treats and durable Orbee-Tuff® toys for dogs of all ages and sizes. The featured Orbee-Tuff Bulb (6″ tall) comes in classic red and green holiday colors and is made in the U.S. of recyclable, non-toxic materials. The toy is durable, buoyant, and minty, plus it lets you add tuck a special treat into the designated “treat spot.”

The Andean Collection Tagua Drop Earrings: $17.00

Using bright colors, soft hues, and combining natural materials and rustic metals, the Andean Collection offers exquisite pieces of jewelery influenced greatly from artisan workshops in the Andean regions of South America. The Andean Collection was founded to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities and give artisans the opportunity to sell their handcrafted jewelry in the global market. These beautiful earrings come from tagua nuts, known as the “vegetable ivory,” in a rainbow of colors including turquoise, tomato, kiwi, chocolate, pacific blue and blush.

This Christmas, make the most of your stocking stuffer gift selection. Opt for gifts that are unique, give back to people and the planet and make a lasting impression on the ones you love. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

MEGHAN BARBOUR is an intern at E.