Upstate New York Greenlights Revolutionary Eco-Megamall

After years of bickering and delays, local officials in Syracuse, New York have finally given the green light to the world’s first green megamall. Developers have promised that the proposed multi-billion dollar entertainment and shopping complex, dubbed DestiNY USA, would run entirely on wind turbines, solar panels, fuel cells and biofuels while serving as a model for clean living and green shopping. The new mall would be the largest green real estate development in the world to date.

Developer Robert Congel, who is spearheading the project, says that once the complex is completed it will attract tourists from around the world while becoming a “paradigm-shifting catalyst” for the nation’s renewable energy markets. Once completed, the development will host the world’s largest solar installation, accounting for as much as a third of the total solar capacity in the U.S.

Congel has even predicted that the project could accelerate economies of scale to the point where the price of renewable energy would become cost-competitive with fossil fuels in as little as ten years. He calls the proposed development an “Apollo Project” for renewable energy, boasting that it will grow the economy, strengthen national security by reducing reliance on foreign oil sources, and protect the environment.

Construction on the project, which will take place in three phases over a decade, could start as early as September, with stores opening to shoppers as soon as 2008.

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