Vegan Face Paints That Can Last For Hours

  • Cameleon Face and Body Paint

Cameleon face paint derives its name from a variety of color shades of face paints available from the brand, which gets its name from the chameleon, an animal able to change color to blend in with its surroundings. Despite being a relatively new brand on the market, Cameleon face paints have grown in popularity, primarily due to the products’ safety and comfort on the skin, and its ease of use. Further, cameleon face paints are easy to apply and remove, helping the applicant mimic the chameleon. Additionally, the brand uses products made from wax from trees and plants, avoiding bees’ wax, to remain vegan friendly. The brand features a wide array of products, varying from neon colors to solid metallic colors.

  • Diamond FX Face Paint

The diamond FX face paint hails from the Netherlands and is a fan favorite due to its bright and vibrant looks due to high pigment colors. Additionally, diamond FX paints, or DFX as they are commonly known, feature a vast catalog of colors and products, allowing for layering and easy experimenting with various colors and designs to create fun visual masterpieces. DFX’s lineup provides an opportunity for amateurs and experts alike to create the ideal product for each individual. Further, Diamond FX face paints are easy to apply and remove when necessary making them appropriate for any exciting lifestyle. The products also use non-toxic and vegan products in their catalog, ensuring that all applications are safe. The company also provides no tests done on animals to make the cosmetics vegan-friendly.

  • Fusion Body Art

Fusion body art face paints are an exciting product that has received massive praise from experts in cosmetics and art. The water-based face paints are popular among customers due to their ease of application and the quick-drying effect of the paint upon application. Fusion Body paints allow the user to stack on layers of paint once the bottom layer is dry and the paint is non-toxic, so there are no effects. Further, adventurous applicants can apply several paint shades while still wet to create beautiful shades and amalgamations. Fusion Body art paints are also popular because they leave vibrant colors while remaining gentle on the skin. Fusion body art produces vegan face paints that have no animal products nor been tested on animals. They are also paraben, perfume, and gluten-free products.

  • Kraze FX

Kraze FX is a face paint that has been in production since 2009. Kraze face paint has remained popular throughout the years because of creating products that offer consistency and customer satisfaction. Further, kraze face paint is increasingly popular because it is vegan-friendly, with no animal products in its composition. The manufacturer also does not test their products on animal subjects. Kraze FX offers an array of paints and pallets with various colors that can get combined for maximum satisfaction. The paints are also easy to apply and remove, making Kraze FX suitable for circumstances and users who require quick application and removal of the paints, that is, performers and children.