Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is now making its name into best designing and home living. It is now widely popular and has been the first choice of many in terms of flooring. While it’s very popular in making your house aesthetically pleasing, it is also durable and very low cost. Also, there will be plenty of options available. If you are deciding whether to get it or not, we made this article to help you know everything you need to understand about vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Types and Finishes

There are two types of vinyl flooring which are sheet and tile flooring. Sheet flooring is about six to twelve feet wide and is easy to install since it’s a sheet that needs to be put on the floor. Vinyl tile flooring is made in square shapes about nine to twelve inches. In terms of finishes there are three types which are; vinyl no wax finish, urethane finish, and enhanced urethane finish.

Vinyl no-wax finish is the light and thin type that is best for places with minimal foot traffic and with low exposure to dust and moisture. Urethane finish is the more stable one and can handle moderate foot traffic, they are also more scratch-resistant and require minimal cleaning.

Lastly, you have the enhanced urethane finish which is the best type. It can be placed in high foot traffic areas and very low maintenance.

Price and Installation

The pricing of Vinyl Flooring is per square foot, and it is the most popular option if you are looking for an affordable but durable option. It will just cost around two to twelve dollars depending on what type you are buying and installing.

Compared to tiles, wood, ceramic or stone flooring, vinyl will be the best one if you want to save. And if you want to save more, you can cut costs by installing vinyl flooring by yourself. You can hire a professional too but with proper research, it can be done alone.

The installation of it is easier than any other flooring materials, you just have to make sure that you have a good Vinyl Floor Sealer. You need to put a durable seal for it to stay longer, moreover, it will require less maintenance if it has been sealed properly.

Durability and Stain Resistance

The best thing about vinyl flooring is it is very durable. If it’s properly installed and maintained it can last for ten to twenty years. Moreover, it is best for houses with heavy foot traffic. It also has multiple layers that can withstand scratches and stains.

However, it still goes down with the quality of the vinyl tile and sealer you choose.

Thickness and Designs

You can see and feel when installed that vinyl is comfortable and soft under your feet. Most of the vinyl sheets and tiles have multiple layers making it cozy to walk on it. They are also very quiet to walk on too since some types have sound-absorbing features.

In terms of the design, you will never have a problem choosing designs of vinyl flooring. They are very versatile with a lot of patterns and colors to choose from. With this you can achieve the look of any style of houses like modern, classic and woods without using and spending money on certain materials.

Maintenance and Repairs

Like mentioned before, maintenance and repairs are easy with vinyl flooring. After sweeping and moving the floor to remove any dust and dirt it will look like new again. You don’t need any high maintenance to make it look like new again. They will look shiny and clean even with a little cleaning.

With repairing, the best vinyls are very durable, while low-quality ones can experience ripping and tearing. This is why it’s important to look for the best quality ones or find a third-party service provider that is trusted and offers good quality floorings.

The only downside of vinyl flooring is it can be damaged by sunlight. To maintain the quality and avoid repairs, you can put curtains on highly lit areas of your house.

With its versatility and durability, you can certainly save time, money, and effort if you want to use vinyl flooring. It is an all-around flooring choice that you can install on all parts of your house, may it be on kitchen, bathrooms, and even basements. What’s even better aside from the cost of it is very low maintenance and easy to manage.

Now that you have all the information about vinyl flooring you can now decide if you want to make your way into a better living.