6 Things You Should Know About Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants are cloud-based distributed power plants that use heterogeneous distributed energy resources to enhance power generation. There are many things that you may not have knowledge of when it comes to virtual power plants and here are 6 of them.

1. They Complement Demand Response

This gives the customers the motivation to lower or eliminate their usage of power when the demand is high. Instead of supplying more power when the demand increases, you reduce the demand. This works incredibly well with demand response programs. VPPs are a cheap and efficient way to support the grid.

2. They Are Related to Weather Forecasts

A virtual power plant can be a great indicator of the day’s weather conditions. Renewable energy depends heavily on the weather, so any unusual conditions might decrease or increase the power produced. Another weather condition that VPP can help detect is heat waves. When the weather gets warmer, people tend to use their air conditioners more which leads to higher power consumption. Power production and power consumption can be tracked to figure out the daily forecast.

3. They Utilize the Best Technologies

Virtual plant companies are actually combining cutting-edge technologies to better enhance their virtual power plants. Machine learning technology and AI are being used to help regulate and monitor the usage of energy. They can also be used to predict future energy patterns. 

4. Stronger Power Generation

If a natural disaster such as flooding, strong winds, or storms take place, they usually tend to cause damage to centralized systems. We all know what happens then! The power cuts can take place for hours at a time and cause a lot of turmoil. In contrast, if only one battery in a system of many gets damaged, this minimizes the issue considerably.

5. The Most Advanced Plants will Blow Your Mind

Australia’s beautiful, sunny weather pretty much lasts for most of the year, and it’s made it possible for the country to have the biggest power plant of this kind in the entire world so far. There are many projects that Australia’s virtual power plant companies have been working on to connect 50000 home battery systems made by Tesla Powerwall, as well as solar power to work as an individual, large system.

6. You Can Use More Than Just Solar Batteries

Despite solar batteries being frequently used by households, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other uses of virtual power plants. Electric vehicle batteries can be connected to the grid with a bi-dimensional charger and can be reached during times of high demand. Smart thermostats can be used to help in times of high demand and to work in sync with the virtual power plant to lower the demand for that energy source.

There are many reasons why virtual power plants are one of the greatest ways to get electricity and one of the cleanest ways. One of the best features of VPP is that you’re able to retrieve an impressive load of power within a short span of time. Higher flexibility and greater efficiency provided by virtual power plants allow the system to react better to power fluctuations.