Wading Through the Seafood Guides

Several organizations have issued consumer guidelines for fish you can enjoy with a clear conscience, fish to avoid, and fish that are cause for concern.

"Monterey Bay Aquarium. Has detailed info about each fish and how it’s raised or caught, the health of its population, and links to PDFs of studies. www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch.asp.

"Environmental Defense Oceans Alive. Highlights health concerns for each fish and how many meals per month you could safely eat of it. Has links to EPA and FDA advisories about specific fish consumption. www.oceansalive.org/eat.cfm.

"Blue Ocean Institute Guide to Ocean-Friendly Seafood. A pull-down menu lets you pick a fish, revealing an elaborate point-and-ranking system measuring a variety of eco impacts, backed up with plenty of data. www2.blueocean.org/Seafood_Detail/36.

"Seafood Choices Alliance. A good simple list of fish to "enjoy." www.seafoodchoices.org/seasense.

"The Fish List. Combines the resources of Environmental Defense, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean and Seafood Choices Alliance in a simplified form. www.thefishlist.org.

"EcoFish. Consumers can buy seafood deemed sustainable by EcoFish’s advisory board of leading marine scientists directly from the company, or EcoFish can email a list of nearby retailers based on ZIP code. www.ecofish.com.