Want To Run Your House On Solar Power? Here’s How

In recent years global warming has become a major threat to the preservation of our beautiful planet and the world as we know it is steadily deteriorating before our very eyes. We hear about it every day and unfortunately, it is something that we simply cannot escape! By the actions of the human race, our planet is falling into a state of disarray and is enduring severe irreversible damage that will simply be impossible to recover from. The truth is the people of today are sealing a bleak and harrowing fate for future generations, that will be forced to live in an unrecognizable or even a world that is near non-existent. It really is frightening to think of! 

The thing that astounds and frustrates the many people fighting to save our existence, is that even though the population is well-aware of the disastrous impact that their actions are having all around the world, they remain to turn a blind eye and live in complete ignorance. The majority do not realize that by sustaining from making even the subtlest of changes, they are in fact playing a huge part in the destruction of their own habitat. If only they could take a long hard look into the future, maybe then ignorance wouldn’t be so bliss.

There is Still Hope

However, hope shines through into our world in the shape of those that have consciously chosen to travel to greener pastures, the ones that I like to call, “The lean, green planet-saving machines!” By simply reducing their water/food wastage, becoming avid recyclers, or opting to switch to the power of solar energy, they are playing a vital role in conquering the monster of climate change. That’s right, people are adopting effective ways and are even going as far as aiming to run their entire homes through the unstoppable force of solar energy! They are dedicating their way of life to ensuring our planet has the best chance of survival! Using the natural force of solar power can be the ultimate way in conquering the menace of climate change and the more people who adopt this way of life, the better chance we have of preserving the wonders of the earth!

Here are some effective ways on how you can do your bit to save our existence by running your home on solar power.

Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Systems)

This is one of the most common and popular ways to power your home with solar energy. Photovoltaic systems, also known as solar cell systems are used to generate electricity from direct sunlight. The power is manifested by semiconductor materials which make it possible for the solar cell system to absorb the sunlight and produce a reaction that allows electricity to be generated. The sunlight’s reflection is used to produce an electric field over the photovoltaic system, inciting the flow of electricity. This solar system is the low-maintenance and sustainable way you can contribute to saving the environment and also holds masses of benefits, including the fact it produces zero emissions and nil pollution!

Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Now we all know how much we appreciate our air conditioning systems, especially when we find ourselves having to endure a scorching hot heatwave! Well, did you these days you can now get your hands on a system that will aid in preserving our wonderful planet, whilst we continue to remain in enjoying that icy cool breeze? Now, I know what you may be thinking, will it work as well as my current system, and Does a Solar Powered Air Conditioner Really Work? Well, guys, the answer is YES! It’s true, you can play your part in creating a greener environment whilst still enjoying the perks that your cherished air-con has to offer. There are many eco-friendly systems now available on the market including the solar photovoltaic system (solar PV), the solar thermal system, and the absorption chillers that all work to use the sun’s energy to provide you with cool, refreshing air.

Solar House Heating

We all know how important it is to be able to live in a lovely, warm and comfortable home. However, to do so, does not mean you have to crank up the heating and exhaust your gas supply to reach staggering temperatures! Solar power has allowed us to heat up our entire homes with the single power of the sun’s rays. Now to take advantage of this natural source of energy there are two options, the first being a hot water solar system and the second a hot air solar system. The hot water system works to warm up the entire house, by using solar collector panels to heat the water and send it circulating around piping, such as radiators. The hot air solar system operates entirely from using hot air that has accumulated upon the roof of your home, it works by simply releasing the warm air into your household that has been generated by the sun.

Solar Water Heating 

If there is one thing the entire population looks forward to, it is the chance to have a nice, long soak in a hot, steamy bubble bath, come on guys, we are all guilty! However, in this day and age did you know it was possible to heat your water supply with the magical energy source of solar power? These days we can opt for a system that will not only allow us to indulge in a little R&R but will also have a hugely positive impact upon our declining planet. Solar water heating systems have now been developed, which makes it possible for the sun’s rays to fire up our water supply, by having either active water heating systems or passive water heating systems installed.

So…if you are seriously considering giving something back to our beautiful planet and are eager to join in with the worldwide fight to save civilization, then making the moral decision to transform your home into a solar-powered fortress could be the ultimate way of helping to preserve our endangered world.