Ways In Which Businesses Can Improve Their Eco-Credentials

It’s often assumed that commercial businesses have to be coerced into improving their eco-credentials. However, realistically, it often saves companies money to be a little greener when it comes to how they run and maintain their properties. Getting employees on side with green policies and improving their surroundings has benefits that far exceed just those that help the planet. With this in mind, here are a few ways in which businesses can improve their planet-friendly focus.

Land maintenance

While the traditional image of a business is one that’s in a skyscraper, many local businesses are actually on large plots of land that back onto vast stretches of greenery and wildlife. Maintaining this not only benefits the company’s outward appearance and aesthetic but also helps the natural eco-system that surrounds it. Contractors such as Granite Seed Company specialize in working with both government and corporate bodies to restore wildlife and prevent problems such as erosion. Once you have maintained your company’s grounds, you can begin the process of filling it with wildflowers and plant life that will welcome more wildlife.

Automated lights

Sometimes it’s just not worth leaving it down to employees to remember to switch off lights, turn off computers at the wall and do general maintenance for a company. Sometimes automating your lighting is a cost-effective way of ensuring that all lights are turned off when no one is in the room. This may not be entirely practical for an open-plan office, but it may help in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and store cupboards, which only have a few visitors at a time throughout the day.

Remove the need for plastic bottles

One of the most destructive forms of pollution is discarded plastics. This is because so many people rely on bottled water as a means of hydration throughout the day. As a business, it is possible to remove this need by providing a means of hydration that does not use any plastics. Keeping glasses on-site along with a water cooler, and this will ensure that it’s possible to go and get water without having to resort to buying a plastic bottle. Free refreshments are also a good incentive for employees wanting to save money.


It’s understood that printing is often the most significant cause of paper waste, and this is about transforming mindsets as well as implementing policy. Printing double-sided and only purchasing reams of recycled paper are two great starting points to work from. However, this is still an approach that will need to be implemented through changing mindsets. It may initially rub employees up the wrong way to point out their paper wastage, but it will save your company money in the long run, and it will lessen your carbon footprint.

Businesses that wish to boost their eco-credentials should consider an approach that works from the inside out. A change of culture may have to be implemented, but this can happily work alongside a business that has a wildlife garden outside and a policy of improving the natural environment around it.