What Are the Best Ways to Purify Your Water?


The quality of the water that you drink is imperative to your quality of life. If your water is inundated with chemicals and bacteria, you will likely begin to feel the effects, and at the very least, suffer in the future. We are often told that drinking bottled water is safer than tap water, but studies have shown that there is little difference, and rather it is a marketing ploy to deceive people. Tap water is chlorinated and can become contaminated by the chemicals and bacteria it meets along its way to your tap, and bottled water is very often contaminated with high levels of plastic. For both of the aforementioned reasons, it is clear that the only solution is to purify your water, and that is exactly what this page will tell you. 

Here you will find a few of the best ways to purify your water, so you can drink healthily, and without the unwanted and added chemicals and bacteria.

House Filter System

A whole house filter system is one of the many ingenious solutions that will be expanded upon in this page. A whole house filter system is a filter that you can attach to the main water line of your house. It will provide everybody that coinhabits your home with you healthy and nourishing water, free from the added chemical agents. It can be the best decision that you can make for the house and those who live within it. There are many negative symptoms that can be associated with unfiltered and contaminated tap water, such as:

  • Gastronomical problems, like wind, abdominal pain, and loose stools.
  • Nausea, stomach cramping, and constant stomach pain.
  • Dehydration, dry skin, and thin air.

It is likely that you do not want anybody in your home to have to experience or suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, which is why it is very important that you install a house filter system. A house filter system will provide clean and filtered water through every appliance, from the showerhead to the bathtub. This means every single time you go near water in your home, it will be pure and free from adulterating agents, thereby ensuring you have no contact with harmful chemicals or bacteria. A house filter system can be quite expensive, however, so be prepared to pay the overhead cost. Notwithstanding the cost, for your family’s safety, it is surely worth it.


Boiling water is a solution that is highly effective. The downside to boiling water, however, lies within the time that it takes for the process to complete. It can take at least five to ten minutes to purify water through boiling, and on top of that, if the water has come from a questionable source, you will have to filter it to remove large particles or bits of dirt that may be in the water. On a hot day, also, a cup of hot water is hardly what you will want to drink. Still, even with the downsides taken into consideration, it is better to drink purified hot water than it is cold contaminated water. You can boil your water in any vessel, from a pot to a kettle, and as long as it reaches a boiling point and is free from dust and dirt, it is safe to drink.

Iodine Tablets

Iodine tablets are a very effective method of purifying the water that you are going to drink. It, too, like much on this list, comes with its downsides, but those downsides are nothing when we consider how much they will benefit our health in the long run. Iodine tablets can take up to half an hour before they begin to work, and they come with a very horrible aftertaste that most people cannot stomach. They are also unsuitable for pregnant women. Iodine tablets are quite cheap and can be picked up in most pharmacies. 

They should only be used in situations where there are no other solutions and should not be used in day-to-day life. Iodine tablets are something you should always bring on a hiking or camping trip to ensure that you are able to drink clean and purified water.

Chlorine Drops

Chlorine is what our tap water is ordinarily treated with and has a very horrible, bleachy taste. Chlorine drops should only be used in emergencies, and much like iodine tablets, take thirty minutes to work. You should not drink it during this thirty minutes and must wait until after. You must also be very careful with your measurements as if you put too many chlorine drops in, you could potentially poison yourself and make yourself very, very sick. Chlorine drops are what hikers and campers use when in deep wilderness, lost, and with no clean source of water.

UV Light

A UV light is the sort of thing you use deep in the jungle with no other options, but honestly, it works. An ultraviolet torch can be easily carried and need only be dipped in the water and moved around for it to kill all bacteria and viruses contained within. Some people have even harnessed the UV rays of the sun to clean water. UV lights are a great asset to outdoorsmen and can literally clean an entire bottle of contaminated water for you. UV lights are known for killing bacteria, and the only downside is that you will need a lot of batteries to keep the torch running, as they are known for dying relatively quickly. 

Water Filter

A water filter is a smaller version of the previously mentioned house filter. It is a household appliance that is freestanding and can keep in the fridge overnight. Simply run your water through the filter, turn it on, and put it in the fridge. While the water chills, it will also purify at the same time. A water filter is essential if you want to drink a good quality of water and want to live a healthy and organic lifestyle. They are often not very expensive and can be found in most home appliance stores.


Now you know several ingenious ways that you can clean your drinking water. Some are slightly more extraordinary than others, but notwithstanding their extraordinariness, they are effective and will clean your water for you in a dangerous situation.