What Is A Blower Door Test?

Are you someone who is wondering whether they should get a blower door test but aren’t sure and how and where to begin? Are you interested in knowing more about the advantages of having a blower door test in your home?

Credit: EE Image database, flickrCCA blower door test is a type of machine used to measure the air tightness of a building or a home. Leakage problems are one of the most common types of problems people tend to encounter when living in a building, but with the help of a blower door test, you can easily balance your home’s air infiltration rate or any building.

Is it necessary to have a blower door test?

With the introduction of modern and complex structured buildings, the blower door test is mandatory as it maintains the building’s air pressure levels, about as important as an energy audit. The test consists of a high-speed fan mounted onto an exterior door that blows air out of your home.

Preparing for a blower door test

Before you start the test, you have to make sure of a few things to not run the risk of ruining your building. If you have wood in your house, ensure that all fires with coal are out, clean your closets, built-in cabinets in the kitchen or anywhere in the house, attics, and empty rooms.

How much does it cost?

A typical blower door test takes about $400 to $450 to know about the air leakage areas and recommendations on how to seal those areas. Usually, the areas where air leakage occurs the most are abandoned attics, doors, windows, ceilings, and wall cavities.

To see the leakage areas, a thermography inspection is done all-around your house. The process might take about an hour or two, depending on the size of your house.

Do I need a test?

The decision of whether you should get the blower door test is up to you. If you have been experiencing difficulty in your house and have noticed the high utility bills, then it is a safe option to get your house to get a test done. 

What is a good blower door test?

After getting the test done to your house, you should know that a good blower door test number should be equal or less to the house’s square footage. If the number is higher per square footage, then it is quite bad.

One factor that affects the number scale is the ventilation system of your house. If there is inadequate ventilation, then the number of the test may be high. 

Although not all houses are the same, it is good to look out for your home system once in a while by getting the blower door test if you experience any difficulty. By getting the test done, you will notice that money on your utility bills will be saved as the indoor air quality of your home will be improved.