What’s a CSA?

A video about a Community Supported Agriculture program in Brooklyn, New York, gets to the heart of what’s good about knowing your farmer and the source of your food.
Our current issue offers insight and tips on on how to get involved in your local CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. This video of a Brooklyn, New York-based CSA further demonstrates how the local program offers communities fresh, organic food at a lower cost than they would find at their farmer’s market and grocery store, with the additional benefit of advance ordering, which gives small farmers guaranteed capital for their crops as well conveniently allowing members to have their own personalized order of fresh vegetables each week.

Beyond providing an environmentally friendly alternative to those concerned about the emissions it takes for their produce to travel from faraway farms to grocery shelves, residents that have joined this CSA also boast about its positive social impacts–from direct interaction with farmers as well as with like-minded community members.