Why Are Electric Scooters Sales Booming During The Pandemic?


Since early 2020, for many of us, everything has changed how we live our lives. The way many of us work, attend school or college, the way we socialize, and even the way we go from one area to the next are completely different. 

Very few people around the globe predicted what would have happened if a pandemic occurred. Although the spread of Covid-19 has had a terrible effect on the world’s economy, mental health, the health care system, etc. we are in some way lucky. We live in the modern era and most of us have access to a wide array of different modern devices. Things like smart devices and computers help us communicate with others without having to meet them in person to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube have helped many of us battle boredom while we stay indoors and vehicles like electric scooters help us to get from A to B without having to come in close contact with others on public transport. 

Reduce the amount you spend on Commuting

If you are not walking or cycling, in most areas the cost of using transport is expensive. Since the spread of Covid-19 many people were made redundant, even those who have worked in the same position for decades have found themselves unemployed. This is a hard pill to swallow, as the virus seemed to enter most of our lives without serious warning. Many of those who had no worries about finances in the past, all of a sudden have found themselves in serious trouble.

The cost of running a car can be a burden, especially during these unprecedented times. Paying for insurance coverage, the cost of gas, maintaining the vehicle, taxes, etc. can all add up to a significant amount of money each year. Plus, the cost of purchasing the car in the first place can also leave a big hole in your bank account.

That’s why many people around the world are thinking about selling their vehicles and purchasing something more practical. Although many people have decided to buy bicycles during the pandemic, another popular alternative is electric scooters. Nowadays, the initial cost of a brand new scooter is very reasonable, the maintenance doesn’t cost a lot either and they often come with a one-year warranty. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash on insurance or any other taxes. Although some use a minimal amount of gas, others are completely electric. The only thing the scooter needs you to do is recharge the batteries every time it runs low on juice. For more information on electrical scooters on the market, check out the E-RideHero website.

Do you need a Vehicle?

This is the question many people around the globe are asking themselves. With most of us forced to work from home during the pandemic, do we really need a car or a motorbike? There have been cars and other vehicles just sitting in people’s homes doing nothing, even worse, some people are paying a small fortune storing their cars inside expensive car parks. It also seems once the pandemic is over, that many people will remain working from home. A lot of businesses around the globe have seen their staff members perform very well from home, which will save the company’s shareholders money on renting and purchasing offices. 

It’s not surprising, lots of people are looking for an alternative, especially families who own two cars. Unlike electric scooters, cars and motorbikes can cause a lot of hassle. A foldable scooter is lightweight, inexpensive to run and it is good for the environment in comparison to most other modes of transport

Electric Scooters are Very Popular amongst Young People

In times where young people, especially young adults and teenagers, are supposed to be having the best time of their lives, are stuck indoors to help reduce the spread of the virus. Relying on parents or other household members to drive them to where they want to go is often not a possibility. Being stuck indoors 24 hours a day 7 days a week is difficult for anybody, especially young people, so owning an electric scooter gives them a bit of freedom. 

Although a lot of parents may be reluctant to purchase an electric scooter for a younger family member because they are worried they might be involved in an accident, they must understand that electric scooters on the market today are a lot safer than those available in the past. They have brake lights installed in the back of the vehicle, a dual braking system, and shock absorbers. You can even buy electric scooters that are capped to a certain speed, so you can be sure your child doesn’t drive too fast. 

Renting Electric Scooters not as Popular as it once was

In areas around Europe and the United States, you might have come across companies like Lime and Bird. These modern businesses compete with one another to rent electric scooters in major cities. Both businesses were extremely successful and known all around the globe, however, since the pandemic, both have found themselves in financial difficulty. People are not using the service as much as they used to. With tourism in most cities down, people opting to stay at home to help battle the spread of the deadly virus, and the idea of handling a device that someone has already used, whether it has been sanitized or not, has had a devastating effect on both businesses. 

Instead of renting, lots of people have decided to spend their hard-earned money purchasing a new electric scooter. 

People use Electrical Scooters to Stay Healthy

Maintaining a good level of fitness during the pandemic has been a struggle for many of us. With gyms still closed in many areas, contact sports canceled, and other team games postponed, many people are finding it difficult to find new ways to stay fit. 

One of the best things about the electrical scooter is that you can turn off the motor and let the device run the old-fashioned way. You will have to push with your foot for the device to gain momentum. It is a great way of burning a few calories, plus it can boost your balance and coordination. Taking the scooter out for a ride without using the motor is not just a great way of exercising, but it can also be a great form of entertainment. During the pandemic, it’s often hard to feel excited about something, so perhaps an electrical scooter is the answer. 


Even when the pandemic is over, most people will continue using their electrical scooters on a regular basis. The devices tend to be light and you can easily fold them up, making them really easy to travel with. 

If you live in an urban area, getting to where you want to go is simple on an electric scooter, even during rush hour. These devices are designed to make it easy to weave in and out of traffic. They can help cut the amount of time you spend in traffic.

Authorities warn electric scooter owners, that the devices are classed as a vehicle in many areas. If caught breaking the rules of the road, under the influence while driving, or not wearing a helmet, you could face prosecution.