Why Bees Are Important and How to Attract Them to Your Garden

Bees are some of the most important insects in the ecosystem. The fact that bee products are used all over the world means that bees are everywhere and can be attracted to any farm. As we shall discuss in this write-up, bees are important in human life and as humans, we have depended on the services offered by these insects. As such, a guide to protecting bees is something that we should all think about so that we can aid in the survival and multiplication of these insects. This should be done as a matter of human survival. Other than the production of honey and other bee products, you need to know that bees have been responsible for better food supplies the world over. You see, bees are the biggest pollinators and over 90% of food plants need pollination by insects for better production.

Why are bees important?

  1.   Health and food products

Most people are aware of honey as a product of bees. They may not be aware that there are other products from bees. The honey produced by bees is a good sweetener that also has health benefits. Honey has many benefits to the human body. It also has other benefits such as anti-cancer properties, good antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties.

Honey has also been traditionally used for its medicinal properties. People use honey to treat wounds and conditions. Some of these treatments may not have scientific backing. However, since people have used honey and gotten better, it is relatively easy to conclude the health benefits of honey. Some of the conditions treated using honey are eye conditions, throat infections, hiccups, bronchial asthma, constipation, ulcers, and others.

  1.   Beeswax

This is another product made by bees. When honey is processed, wax is one of the byproducts. Beeswax can be used in the manufacture of candles, waterproofing, and also in skincare and health products. The wax can also be used in the manufacture of ointments. Beeswax comes in white or yellow type.  These can also be used for the manufacture of emulsifiers, fragrances in perfumes and soaps, and as a stiffening agent. Without bees, the above products would not be easily produced as they are today.

  1.   Pollination

This is another very important role played by bees and for the benefit of human existence. As such, bees need to be protected so they can enhance food production. It is a well-known fact that around 75% of crops do better when helped by bees to pollinate. Bees carry pollen grains from one plant to another and this helps in better crop production.

  1.   Historical importance

There is an undisputed history of the relationship between bees and people for millions of years. People have used honey and beeswax for cultural needs. Bees were used in ancient Greece as a symbol of immortality. Ancient communities used beeswax for rock art. Since bees are very intelligent, people have copied their mannerisms to form their social interactions.

How to attract bees to your garden

If you have a garden and want to attract bees to it, there are some things you can do to achieve this need. Depending on the kind of garden and the plants in it, you may want to attract varying types of bees. Well, the thing is you need to make your garden friendly to the bees. This will bring them to the garden all year round.

Here are things to do to attract the bees into your garden:

  1.   Plant flowers with nectar and pollen

If your garden has flowers that produce lots of pollen and nectar, then you will have the insects visit. Ensure these plants have a continuous flowering period so the bees can visit all year round. The flowers should also be easily accessible by the bees.

  1.   Create bee hotels

This is especially suitable for solitary bees. This species of bees are known to lay their eggs in these hotels or hollow cavities. When the eggs hatch the young bees will emerge and patronize your garden. You can learn how to make the bee hotels from information available online.

  1.   Relax on the weeding

Well, this may sound a bit odd. Even though you need to keep the garden free of weeds, not all the plants should be removed from the garden. Some weeds are good at supporting bees because they produce nectar and pollen. You may want to relax on these weeds and have them remain in the garden to support and attract the bees into your garden.