Why Everyone Should Grow Their Own Food

In a time where people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, it is worth detailing why people should try growing their own food and outlining the multitude of benefits that this can bring to their life.

The Harm of Buying

First, it is important to understand the harm that buying food can have on the environment. Food is a significant contributor to society’s carbon footprint because it requires a lot of energy to produce, transport and store food and supplies that are found in supermarkets. When you reduce the amount that you purchase from large FMCG corporations, you are reducing your own environmental impact and contributing to a wider movement of change and environmental progression.

Less Meat is Good

In addition to this, eating less meat is also better for the environment and can sustain the planet we live on. More and more people are turning to veganism in 2020 and even if this is not for you, simply deciding to eat less meat each week is a positive step to take which could also improve your diet.

Diet & Lifestyle

Following on from this point, you will also find that this could help you to eat a healthier diet which can improve your physical wellbeing. Many people also find growing fruit and vegetables to be good for their mental health as a rewarding activity that you can enjoy outside (it is also quite active). You will also benefit from fresher and tastier produce and, if this all wasn’t enough, it can be a great way to lower your grocery bill each month too.

Getting Started

Many people like the idea of growing their own fruit and veg but believe that it is not possible as they do not have much space. You do not need much space at all to start and even a windowsill will be enough for you to start growing certain types of produce. You can start by researching the various seeds and plants that you can grow and then find a suitable space in your backyard to get started.

Once you have a suitable patch in your garden, investing in the right equipment like gardening gloves and tools will give you the best chance to enjoy the experience. Other garden accessories like netting and wire are important to protect your valuable crops and fend off any animal competitors. Once you get started, it is important to be patient as it is a slow process but one which can be enjoyable when you get to spend time outside each day and finally be rewarded with delicious produce.

For those looking to reduce their environmental impact, growing your own fruit and veg is a smart way to do this that could bring a range of benefits to your life.