Why Is The FDA Important? We’ll Give You 4 Important Reasons

United States government spending skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worried Americans who want to cut the fat COVID-19 ask questions like “Why is the FDA important?”

The FDA is an agency that should never be cut, let alone in a pandemic. The FDA protects us from low-quality products that affect health.

Big businesses aren’t as worried about your health as they are about ways to maximize profit. Once it was clear that industries couldn’t operate on trust, the FDA started to protect your wellbeing. Take a look at these four reasons you need the FDA in your life.

1. Do You Want Rats in Your Sausages?

Sausages are considered “mystery meat” by many people. Even so, you probably don’t expect rats or human flesh in the mix. Before the FDA existed, the meat industry wasn’t regulated, and things were gross…to say the least.

Muckraking journalist Upton Sinclair published his book, The Jungle, in 1906 after seeing things like rats, rotten meat, and even the flesh and blood of injured workers go into products in meatpacking plants. After disgusted and angry Americans demanded change, the federal government had to respond and created the FDA.

So, thank the FDA if you prefer no real mystery in your meat.

2. Stopping Super-Germs Before They Start

Everyone’s out to kill bacteria and viral particles to avoid COVID-19, but too much antibiotic use is proven to create “superbugs.” These germs evolve to resist drugs and are hard to treat with common antibiotic and antiviral medicines.

It’s a growing problem and FDA research plays a big role in stopping it from getting out of hand.

3. Why Is the FDA Important for Supplements?

You might think that the Food and Drug Administration only regulates food and drugs due to the name. In reality, they also manage supplements, animal food, items that emit radiation, and other products. All of these can lead to direct or indirect harm if they aren’t made well.

The FDA makes sure supplement companies follow good manufacturing practices so you get the best products.

4. The FDA Keeps Drugs From Killing You

If you’re wondering why a COVID-19 vaccine is taking so long, it’s because scientists developing different vaccines need to make sure they’re safe before sending them out.

FDA clinical trials are the biggest safety measure standing between you and a vaccine. They also manage trials on the rest of your medications.

This delay is frustrating if you need treatment now or want to start life after the pandemic, but it’s needed. The FDA expanded this practice after unregulated thalidomide caused thousands of birth defects. The FDA is what stops tragedies like this and even deaths from dangerous drugs.

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So, why is the FDA important to you? No matter who you are, if you use products made in the USA, the FDA is what guarantees they don’t hurt you.

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