Why People Are Investing In Hair Restoration Services

pexels helena ije 2867899At some point in life, men and women experience hair loss. Some men gradually lose their hair from their teenage years, while some women tend to notice hair loss in their 40s. The idea of going bald, irrespective of age, can be devastating. This is why more men and women are turning to Hair Restoration treatments.  

The hair restoration services market was estimated to be worth $8 billion in 2018. As the demand grows, the market size is expected to reach $12 billion by 2026. People are investing in hair restoration services for various reasons. 

Improve their appearance

As soon as they discover their hair is thinning or falling off, most people seek instant solutions to cover their hair problems. Most men choose to shave off their hair so that no one notices they are developing a bald head. Women tend to go for hair replacement solutions, such as the use of wigs and weaves. 

These are temporary solutions that improve one’s appearance. Unfortunately, the worry of the falling hair is never going away. For men, the balding crown will still be evident when the hair starts growing. Women start worrying about other people noticing their hair problem when they remove their wigs. 

Hair restoration treatments will restore not only their appearance but their self-esteem as well. 

Hair restoration is a permanent solution.

If you have faced hair loss, you may have come across various topical solutions to help you slow or stop hair loss. Some products in the market even promise you will have thicker hair a few weeks after the first application. Unfortunately, some of these products are not effective. 

Instead of wasting your money on products that may not work, why not go for the sure thing? Hair restoration is a permanent solution for balding patches and severe hair loss.

Low maintenance

When you request hair restoration services, you don’t need to worry about maintenance costs. You don’t need special hair treatments and chemicals to keep the hair from falling. You can continue with your normal hair maintenance routine without worrying that you are not doing enough to protect your hair. 

Two treatment options with different recovery periods

The two most common hair restoration treatments are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT or FUSS). Most people favour FUE because of the fast recovery time. You only need 2-5 days of rest after the procedure. You also need not worry about having an unsightly scar. 

High Success rate

Hair restoration treatments have a high success rate. Cost of concern to many people. However, since the chances of one regaining a full head of hair are high, more people are willing to try hair restoration.

Most people also have one procedure. So, even though hair restoration is costly, one doesn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of making multiple trips to the doctor. Sometimes, this makes the process worthwhile because it is easy to plan for it as a one-time treatment. 

Hair restoration is undoubtedly the most popular hair regrowth procedure. The evident success rates have encouraged more people to seek hair restoration services. Whatever your reasons, you will be glad you took this step to have your full head of hair back!