Why Solar Lights For Parking Lots Are A Great Choice For Businesses

It’s no secret that leaders and environmentalists around the world are voicing that now is the time to make “green” decisions. With technology, our contribution to carbon emissions has grown significantly in the past 50 years, and scientists are claiming that the next 20 years will contribute to pollution at an even greater rate. The energy crisis is on the horizon, and every day we see evidence of it encroaching on our modern ways of living.

However, that doesn’t mean using alternative energy sources must be a difficult task to complete. Businesses are finding easier ways to promote more environmentally-friendly practices to use and store energy. But, one method that is demonstrably both cost-effective and fantastic for the environment might sound a little unconventional: I’m talking about using solar lighting for parking lots.

The Energy Used By Public Lighting

Traditional lighting heavily relies on fossil fuels. Public lighting contributes to about 7% of the overall carbon footprint of the world. Imagine how much energy is sapped collectively from each public light around the world. It’s unfathomable to think of the energy drain.

Thankfully, a parking lot solar lighting uses absolutely no fossil fuels. Each light is a fully-autonomous system capable of generating its own energy through monocrystalline solar panels. The energy is gathered during the day and is converted to DC power in hefty batteries that store (ideally) a full 5 days of power. So, even when there are overcast skies or dark winters, the lights will stay on.

But that’s just one easy step towards going green for your home, businesses, cities, public works departments, military bodies, or any other corporation responsible for outdoor public lighting.

What may be on your mind is the price of solar – we want to dispel any myths surrounding the expense of solar energy.

Parking Lot Lighting Prices (and Why Solar is Best)

With an exponential drop in prices, solar panels (commonly referred to as photovoltaics) are much cheaper than they used to be 10 years ago. The price for solar has dropped approximately 99.9% in the past 40 years, and this rate is still growing.

What is expensive is public lighting. A single light—what you might find on your sidewalk or in the middle of a parking lot—averages about 3,000 dollars just for the materials alone, and that doesn’t cover maintenance fees, installation costs, or energy use. The extras typically double the price of light, raising it to 6,000 dollars.

However, solar lighting is much cheaper than traditional public lighting because you save on the installation trenching and wiring, the energy usage over time, and less maintenance with LED light fixtures – the most common fixtures used in conjunction with solar energy components.

Over the course of ten years, the trenching, wiring, maintenance cost, and energy usage of a traditional lighting system can approximately cost more than double the price of a solar lighting system. That’s only an average estimate. Depending on the nature of the project, it can cost even more to install traditional lighting. Sometimes trenching can be invasive, cutting into yards, business grounds, or even protected areas that can’t be dug into.

The best solution to avoid the time and money spent on that purpose is to go with solar, where you’ll have unrestricted access to clean and virtually infinite energy.


Ensure your commuters and guests are kept safe with high-lumen, white-light LED fixtures that illuminate the grounds properly and reproduce the true color of a lit subject. You can even dim the lights at uncommon hours (early in the morning) and use motion sensors to restore them to full brightness, keeping security high but uses less energy.

Even in times of grid-tie power failure, the solar parking lot lights remain on while traditional lighting fails.

Go Green and Earn Green

There are actually many tax breaks available for solar! The Solar Investment Tax Credit can earn you 26% back on your solar investment. If you search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) site, you can find other incentives that give your back money for your green effort. So, take that 34,000-dollar solar lighting system and earn 8,840 back, making it cheaper than the traditional lighting materials!

Get Attention with a Green Energy Revolution

Invest your time and money in a lighting system that protects the environment, the wallet, and even get some attention! Solar-powered lighting oftentimes attracts the attention of the media, so you might get featured in the news about making green-conscious decisions that save on energy.

At Greenshine New Energy, we’ve sold over 5 thousand solar lighting installations across and outside of the US—that customer base can’t be wrong. See how solar can push the oncoming energy crisis further back and put more money in your wallet. Why not celebrate? You can make one of the smartest decisions about the future of our planet and your wallet with something as simple as a light for a parking lot.