Why You Should Never Use Regular Janitorial Services To Clean Biohazard Environments

When it comes to cleaning biohazards such as blood, fecal matter, bodily fluids, or dangerous chemicals, you want the job done the right way. Furthermore, the safe decontamination of chemical and biological substances is crucial to promoting a healthy environment. Failure to properly contain biohazard environments can otherwise contribute to hazardous and unhealthy environments.

Credit: Carlos Ebert, FlickrCC

What does this mean? Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, the type of cleaning services you invest in can significantly impact the end result.

Moreover, biohazard environments are often sensitive and require a high level of expertise and professionalism, which you may not find in the regular janitorial companies. Read on to learn the importance of choosing a professional company for your cleaning needs.

Lack of safety equipment

The majority of the standard janitorial service providers lack the required safety equipment to clean biohazard environments effectively. Remember that cleaning potentially-hazardous conditions requires more than a pair of gloves, cleaning agents, and goggles.

Instead of dealing with such inefficiencies, contact a professional biohazard cleaning company to handle the situation. For example, companies like ECS Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup specialize in biohazard cleaning and utilize the latest and most sophisticated equipment to decontaminate your property after an accident or tragedy.

Unlike run-of-the-mill cleaning services, these biohazard experts use professional-grade products to restore your home or business’s condition. Remember that without the right cleaning products, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses can be left behind, all of which can infect your staff or home’s residents. These professional biohazard clean-up companies also strive to adhere to workplace safety policies provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), to keep the environment clean and safe before, during, and after performing treatment services.

Consumes a lot of your time and money

Many standard janitorial services use traditional cleanup methods, which makes their services ultimately slower and inefficient. As a rule-of-thumb in business, time is equivalent to money, so the more time you take to complete the task, the more money you lose. Fortunately, professional biohazard cleanup companies provide a viable solution by delivering quick and efficient services. Additionally, by hiring professionals, you’ll save a lot of your time and money, allowing you to resume your day-to-day operations in no time.

Lack of essential training in handling and disposal

While most would assume that anyone can clean a contaminated environment, the reality is that very few people have the training and experience necessary to handle biohazard wastes. Biohazards often contain harmful substances that can potentially spread diseases and infections if not properly handled. Regular cleanup companies seldom train their staff on these crucial subjects, rendering them incompetent.

Because these janitorial staff members don’t possess insider knowledge concerning biohazards,  you should avoid hiring regular janitorial services to clean and dispose of biohazards in your home or business. Unlike ordinary cleaners, professional biohazard cleaners have undergone extensive handling and disposal training to tackle any environment infected with hazardous substances.

Regular janitorial services don’t focus on safety

One of the reasons you need cleanup assistance is to ensure your property is safe. Regular janitorial services rarely focus on safety, which can put you and other users at the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, their training doesn’t cover essential details regarding safety and efficiency, so you should never rely on regular cleaning services when addressing animal or human bloodstains.

Unlike standard janitorial services, professional teams undertake serious training to help them focus on efficiency and safety. It would help if you kept in mind that safety and minimizing potential health risks is essential to keeping you protected from airborne infections and other diseases. Most importantly, professional cleanup services can help protect your property’s value. Professionals prevent depreciating home property value by using advanced equipment and cleanup products that eliminate stains without damaging your belongings or releasing toxic fumes.

Observe government protocol

All forms of crime scenes and accidents are subject to biohazard waste guidelines. Additionally, legal processes require the police’s involvement plus permission to clean up your home or business. With these protocols in mind, you’ll need to find a company that complies with all the industry standards and legal guidelines. Dealing with government policies can be daunting, especially if you don’t observe the proper procedures and face unexpected penalties.

Most of the regular janitorial service companies don’t comply with the set government protocols, which can further complicate the cleaning process. However, when working with professional biohazard cleaners, they observe all law institutions, government policies, and OSHA regulations. This way, you can prevent unnecessary run-ins with the law that can slow day-to-day operations and reduce productivity.

In summary

For routine housekeeping, hiring standard cleaners will suffice. However, with biohazard environments, you’ll need experts trained to contain bacteria-infested human and animal waste, bodily fluids, and blood. Don’t expose your colleagues or loved ones to infection. Only trust the experts with the removal of common biohazards.