Will A Scalp Micropigmentation Affect My Hair Growth?

Joel Kramer, FlickrCCScalp micropigmentation is one of the fastest cosmetic improvement techniques for those suffering from chronic hair loss. The method is chosen by many people because of its convenience, safety, as well as sustainability. However, there are still many controversies surrounding the cosmetic procedure, mostly regarding the side effects on hair follicles and later hair growth. The hair follicle is found in the dermis, which is also where the ink is deposited. As a result, it’s reasonable to ask if the scalp micropigmentation north carolina process damages the hair follicles and later prevents hair growth. However, there’s no need to be concerned, as it has been proven that this is a total myth.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as hair tattoos, is a simple and gentle tattooing technique for users. This is a simple procedure, using microneedles to spray tattoos to create each hair meticulously, naturally on the bald, hairless scalp. Similar to other permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing procedures, this technology uses small tattoo needles, bringing ink into the epidermis of the scalp. Tattoo ink will be drawn to simulate the shape of short hairs with many different directions and positions to improve baldness.

Scalp micropigmentation is the most effective method currently available to help those who are battling with hair loss. Although it is a new technology, the method has received special love from users who are in need of solving baldness problems quickly, safely, beautifully, and at a reasonable cost.

Experts said that scalp micropigmentation is suitable for both men and women aged 18 and over, especially those with thin, sparse hair, high forehead, or exposing an area of the scalp that wants to improve.

The Perks of Scalp Micropigmentation

The procedure has many advantages in comparison to other currently available solutions in the market, namely:

  • You don’t need to use a wig
  • The treatment process is quick and does not take as much time as using hair growth stimulants
  • Does not affect the user’s health
  • Does not cost cream like the conventional hair transplant method
  • Create natural hair color that is identical to your real hair, making it hard to detect.
  • Ability to edit the bald area tattoo spray according to aesthetics and preferences.
  • Can be applied on a large area of ​​the skin of men, shaping the forehead for people with too high forehead defects.

The Basic Procedures of Scalp Micropigmentation

Similar to other forms of permanent makeup, such as lip tattoo, eye tattoo, eyebrow tattoo or tattoo, etc., scalp micropigmentation is a simple procedure. It takes place very quickly, does not require hospitalization. The process of scalp micropigmentation is usually performed as follows:

  1. Examination and consultation: First, the specialists conduct an examination to understand the baldness condition as well as the customer’s wishes. From there, give a reasonable treatment method as well as shape the hair so that it is in harmony with the face.
  2. Clean and shape the hair mold: Next, the specialist begins to disinfect, disinfect and clean the scalp to be treated, and at the same time shape the hair.
  3. Topical and local anesthesia: Customers will be numbed to ensure no pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  4. Conduct scalp micropigmentation: The specialist will use a clean sterilized micro-needle to spray tattoo ink meticulously and precisely on the previously determined position, in different sizes to simulate the fiber. New short hair grows beautifully naturally, without hurting the scalp.

Will a scalp micropigmentation Affect the Hair Follicles on my Scalp?

There has been a major misconception about scalp micropigmentation that this procedure will cause damage to your hair follicles and thus affect your hair growth. However, this is a total myth as your hair follicles will not be harmed by scalp micropigmentation. A tattoo is applied to the scalp during the procedure. It’s sometimes used to enhance the density and fill in gaps between follicles.

A hair follicle is a structure made up of cells and tissue that surrounds the hair follicle. It’s found in the epidermal layer of the skin. The hair root emerges from the very bottom of this follicle, deep under the skin’s dermis layer. Protein cells are developed by blood veins at the root of the plant. Because hair follicles are significantly deeper within the skin, they will be safe and unaffected even if the tattoo is applied immediately above them.

What if My Hair Growth Slows after a scalp micropigmentation?

Hair growth goes through stages of speeding up and slowing down. It’s not related to the procedure if someone who has had scalp micropigmentation detects reduced hair growth. It’s just a regular component of the hair-growth cycle.

Each hair will permeate and fall out, but it will go through four cycles during its lifetime:

  • Anagen: This is the period of extensive growth, which can last from three to seven years.
  • Catagen: This is known as the transition period, which can last up to a few months.
  • Telogen: This consists of several months of resting.
  • Exogen: The phase in which new hair grows continually.

Can I Pursue Regrowth Treatments after Scalp Micropigmentation?

Yes, of course! On the off chance that you still wish to utilize regrowth items or get hair transplants after your scalp micropigmentation treatment, you’re permitted to do so. The scalp micropigmentation method does not affect the efficiency of other medications. However, you should note that if you have recently got a scalp micropigmentation treatment, we prescribe you to hold up at the slightest 6-12 months before getting a hair transplant surgery, and vice versa.


It’s understandable to be concerned about the potential negative effects of scalp micropigmentation on your body. Don’t be afraid about the procedure blocking hair growth or harming hair follicles. They are not going to do it. With that out of the way, you should give scalp micropigmentation a try! It is convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and with little to zero side effects. Having that said, this is the perfect solution for those suffering from hair loss, to regain the confidence and self-love that they deserve.