Will Solar Panels Affect My Roofing?

It’s 2022, and roofing trends have moved from the usual single-purpose or double-purposed roofing designs to multi-functional roofs.  While back in the day, folks merely treated the roof as protection over our heads and something to complement the overall aesthetics of their homes. Today roofs can be another layer of one’s garden, an earth-friendly house temperature regulator, or a source of home electricity.

Speaking of home electricity, many people barely know anything about solar panels. There are even misconceptions, including the idea that they are costly, and that they can affect the quality of your roof.

Solar panels provide an affordable and long-lasting way of generating clean energy.  Imagine a world where you can cut your home’s carbon emissions by an amount that would equal burning 5,000 pounds of coal every year. And the sun’s energy is free!

Solar panels not only reduce the carbon footprint, but many homeowners see a surprising reduction in their monthly utility bills too. All while enjoying cleaner air and lower electric rates throughout this process. 

Installing solar panels on your house roof is a low-impact process if done right.  You can’t, however, just go out and install solar panels on your own. If the roofer is untrained, the job may be too much for one person, risking harm to both themselves as well as those around them who may try assisting with the installation process.  Besides, you definitely wouldn’t want to risk your house roof to any permanent damage that will warrant an earlier and out-of-the-bulge roof replacement!

What homeowners should consider before putting on a solar panel, therefore, is how the solar panels affect their roof. If there is maintenance involved, will solar panels damage your roof more than the ordinary roofing?

Safe From Holes in The Roof

There are two common types of mounting systems for solar panels. One is a ballasted racking system, which requires no holes in your roof and only needs ladder access to install; the other uses clamps that attach directly onto the metal siding or chimneys with straps crossing over each other, like spikes driven. The output should be professional.

Holes in the roof can cause water leaks, so if you install these systems with professionals from a company that specializes in solar panel installation, they’ll make sure there are no holes to let moisture get into your attic. Hire a roofing contractor so you can make sure that the solar panels are installed on your roof. This will be smooth and easy for you and your family.

Solar Panels Protects Your Roof From Bad Weather

Solar panels protect your roof from the elements, extending its lifespan. They also offer many other benefits such as increased property value and energy independence.

Makes Your Home A Cool Space

The coolness that comes from solar panels is an amazing benefit! One study found they could lower the temperature in your house by 5 degrees. That means you’ll be able to save more while still enjoying those warm summer days outside with friends and family on their porches or lawns, not sweating buckets because it’s so hot under all those lights.  Collectively cooling homes at night increases our electricity bills but saving just 15 minutes per day can save over 3 million annually (that’s enough energy for 30 large-screen TVs!).

Solar Panels for Longer Roof Lifespan

Indeed, solar panels can help extend your roof’s lifespan!  How does this happen?

Solar panels absorb sunlight and send it into an energy conversion process (which we’ll get to in a nanosecond).  All those harmful UV rays are stopped dead in their tracks before harming anything on top, including you!

Huge Advantage When You Sell Your House

Imagine the possibilities if you invested in solar power. Your home or business may be worth double what it was before, simply because you decided to go green. The pros are many and varied, from lower energy bills (and increased value) all thanks to going with a more environmentally friendly option. 

You should always check your existing warranties to ensure that installing solar panels will not void them, but roof-mounted installations shouldn’t affect any of the original benefits.

The installation process is fascinating, but it’s important not to get overwhelmed. Thankfully there are plenty of other things you can do once all has been said and done! One thing you do before making any final decisions about your solar needs is to hire a roofing contractor for an easy installation.