Save paper–and your sanity–with the organizational power of Wunderlist.
Life is too busy to worry about remembering to bring your hastily scribbled notes and lists with you everywhere you go or having to scramble around your office in an attempt to find out what happened to that important Post- it note you swear you stuck right to your monitor. Simplify and save paper with Wunderlist, a free, cleanly designed task manager app available on the iPhone, iPad and Android, or on your Windows or Mac desktop.

Wunderlist organizes everything you need it to: tasks, due dates and any type or number of lists. It also synchronizes really well with your e-mail. You can receive reminders and notifications of what e-mails you need to reply or attend to or e-mail your tasks and lists to co-workers, family and friends so that you can remind them of what needs to get done or what you’re working on.

For the e-mail averse, there is Wunderlist’s integrated CloudApp feature, where a click of the CloudApp button will automatically generate a unique Wunderlist link that you can share anywhere you‘d like, including on Facebook or Twitter.

Price: Free