Andre Heinz Speaks Out For Kerry’s Environmental Proposals

In a recent press interview, Andre Heinz, the leading spokesperson on environmental issues for the Kerry campaign, talks about the potential impact of his step-dad’s environmental proposals if voters elect to dump Bush this November. Heinz, the middle son of Theresa Heinz Kerry and the late Sen. John Heinz (R-PA), is a self-proclaimed student of industrial ecology, having worked directly with environmental visionaries like architect William McDonough and author Paul Hawken. Prior to joining the Kerry campaign, Heinz doled out advice to government entities and corporations on behalf of the Natural Step, a sustainability consulting firm with a global clientele.

Green Building Alliance,

“It’s exciting to try to represent the really progressive and, I think, farsighted ideas that you find in the proposals of the Kerry-Edwards platform, such as the plan for 20 percent renewable electricity by the year 2020 and aggressive proposals for becoming oil independent in the short term,” Heinz says. “That alone is amazing—not to mention reengaging the world with the Kyoto Protocol, and protecting our wild areas, our forests, and our fisheries,” he adds.

Heinz goes on to say that Kerry—if he gets elected and can carry out his 2020 renewable electricity plan while becoming independent of imported oil—has an opportunity to transform the economy via the development of clean technologies while addressing concerns about national security and climate change. Heinz also believes that by developing and exporting new clean technologies, the U.S. can help developing nations “materialize” by leapfrogging “dirty industrial cycles.”