Be The Change Now Is The Time, According To Miss Earth USA Alabama Kennedy Thomas

We can all agree that in the world’s most recent times there has been discourse and calamity among us all. While we struggle with finding a balance and mutual love and respect for our brothers and sisters of the human race, one thing we can all agree on is that there is certainly a common ground, literally.

Mother Earth belongs to us all, which charges us each with the responsibility to do our part to help preserve her. While it can be a bit overwhelming when thinking about all the things our earth is crying out for, let me reassure you that we each can make global impacts by making local small environmentally conscious decisions.

We must challenge ourselves to create a new vision, one of which we use an environmental lens. We can no longer make subtle changes only when Earth Day rolls around each year, but rather on a daily basis. Preserving the Earth and its sustainability can no longer occupy the space of our after-thoughts, the time to make our environment a primary concern is now.

The rise of the Coronavirus pandemic caused us all to slow down, in fact, the world approached a near halt almost overnight. During our nation’s shut down, we consumed ourselves with local and national politics, the economy, the temporary closing of our favorite shopping centers as well as the inconveniences of not having the freedom to come and go as we pleased. It is safe to say, man’s “normal” was quickly displaced due to this worldwide health crisis. As scientist scramble to develop a vaccine for the virus, we reluctantly rest in the belief that science will save us. Just as sure as the world turns, science serves as our saving grace, so to speak.

The same science we rely so heavily on to serve as our saving grace has been speaking out on the state of our planet for years. The science of our environment has never been clearer. Every day, new evidence comes out showing us the impact, consequences and the lack of sustainability of the earth, and it is time for us all to listen.

The undeniable truth is that we are destroying our planet and have yet to create a complete
fundamental shift in mindset, a shift that will nourish our relationship with the earth and allow us to reconnect to Mother Earth.

We are each charged with doing our part in being more environmentally considerate and
helping to influence a redefined relationship with the planet, for there is no science that can save us when this world is over.

Kennedy Thomas is Miss Alabama Earth USA and currently serves as Miss Earth USA Pageant Ambassador.