Can Insects Be Coronavirus Carriers?

coronavirus carriers. pexels.comWarm days are coming, so we strive to get out. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic spreads around the World, many people are still going outside and enjoying their lives in nature. Of course, a breath of fresh air instead of dusty and smoky cities is a great choice. However, you have to be careful. Small pesky insects can be Coronavirus carriers as well. On the one hand, there is no information about which pests can be infected or infect you. But on the other hand, remember that the virus came from the animal market. So, arm yourself with pest traps, ant baits, flea control measures, and let me give you a quick guide on possibly dangerous insects.

Which Insects Are Potential Dangers?


Only the well-known flies can carry more than 60 types of pathogens, as well as particles of feces that are left on food and human skin. This can cause dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and even cholera infections. A fly can also be the reason for such an unpleasant disease as trachoma. It is quite widespread. Trachoma leads to blindness, leaving scars on the cornea of ​​the eye.


You can get infected from a simple mosquito bite. Mosquitoes are typical carriers of malaria, several types of encephalitis, and tularemia. Malaria is the scourge of Africa, Asia, and South America. More than 215 million people get sick with it every year. Basement mosquito C.pipiens can “reward” us with the hepatitis virus.

Tick bugs

Not less dangerous are tick bugs. They bring encephalitis (every third bitten individual dies), Lyme disease (tick-borne borreliosis), typhoid, and others. For example, the causative agent of relapsing fever can inhabit ornithopods in the tick body for more than 13 years. Moreover, the insect during all this time is able to infect animals and humans. Tick-borne diseases lead to disorders of the nervous system, heart problems, musculoskeletal system, and death.


Garbage-eating cockroaches spread many diseases in a contact way. Experts believe that asthma increases among children due to these pesky vermins. If you ever found any sign of cockroaches presence in your flat or apartment, please, call the extermination team or get some traps in the nearby store.


The plague has been known to people since ancient times. This terrible epidemic took many lives. In Africa, Asia, and South America, several hundred and sometimes thousands of people died because of this disease. Fleas mostly carry bacillus pestis (the causative agent of the plague). These pests don’t affect only animals; they can be found in any house. Jumping parasites can also transmit encephalitis, tularemia, and helminthiases.

The Bottom Line

Remember that all of these insects are only possible Coronavirus carriers. Natural pest control techniques work well to keep insects at bay while keeping human loved ones safe. If you do have any information about eco ways to stay safe from disease carriers – feel free to share it in the comments section.