E’s Green Home Picks: Ideas in Bloom


Still struggling to compost in the kitchen? The recycled stainless steel Blanco Solon Compost System (about $300) installs directly into your countertop, so you simply scrape in vegetable trimmings, egg shells and coffee grounds as you’re cooking and lock the lid to keep odors out. After you’ve tossed your organic waste outdoors, the container can be washed in the dishwasher.



Rain chains attach to a gutter or roof spot where water collects and guide rain to a rain barrel, flower box or window box below. They also come in an array of decorative designs from Clean Air Gardening, from watering cans and flowers ($129.99) to wine and grapes ($179.99) to umbrellas ($89.99). The latter comes with gutter installation clips and is available in polished copper, which ages to a blue-green patina, or blue verde aluminum which looks like aged copper.



Is there anything that exudes the warmth and character of old barn wood? From flooring, to furniture, to picture frames, the antique old-growth lumber of dilapidated barns brings quality wood that’s hard to come by and is environmentally responsible to boot. Find lumber, Amish-made furniture, farm tables and more at Old Barn Wood, though we’re particularly enamored of the wide plank flooring with an oil finish (starting at $5.95/square foot).