A Quick Guide to Eco Toys You Can Choose For Your Kids

Baby playing with wooden toysIf you are an adult, you must have heard of some popular toys getting recalled by the manufacturers in the past because they are not eco-friendly. Parents are often left to wonder why even educational toys for 4 year olds or younger kids get recalled. They become even more perplexed when they figure out the fact that they are being recalled not just because the toys aren’t eco-friendly but also because some of the toys contain toxic materials that can negatively affect a child’s health. This has also been corroborated by a New York Times published on the importance of eco-friendly products. For instance, it’s very likely for children to put these playthings in their mouths, and parents may not always get to notice this. If it’s a plastic toy, it contains some toxic chemical products that can negatively affect a child’s health. Not to worry, these harmful playthings can be discarded and replaced with eco-friendly ones, and we’ll be showing you how soon enough.

It’s quite normal for parents to be more worried about what these toys do to their child’s health than the harm it causes the environment. Some of the materials these playthings are made of, including the PVC, can corrupt the soil, air, and water. That is why there have been several campaigns against its use. So, parents need to be eco-conscious, patient and very perceptive when buying those playthings. The question that then needs to be answered is “how to be environmentally friendly?” 

Well, the quick answer to that question for a parent is that you must ensure you buy eco friendly gifts and playthings for your children. That’ll be a great impact from your end, and it can make a big difference for your kids and for creating an eco-friendly environment. Here’s a quick guide to some eco-friendly toys that you can be sure your kids will love playing with.


Kid playing with jigsawA puzzle is one of the best playthings you can get your children to play with. Ever found yourself amidst children of the same age playing the game? We bet you found them so invested in the game with joy on their faces. You do not have to tamper with that in disposing of playthings that are not eco-friendly. There are eco-friendly puzzles you can get for your children. Those plastic puzzles you plan to dispose of can be replaced by non- plastic and eco-friendly ones that are even more beautiful.

Sensory Tumbling Toys

They are also called sensory tumbling faces or sensory tumbling sets. This particular plaything for children is a set of around wooden faces featuring visual, auditory, and textural experiences. A view from the top reveals colored balls on the inside with a transparent covering. The best part is they are usually made of wood, which means they are eco-friendly and perfect for your kids. Not only are these toys fun and eco-friendly, but they are also designed to further improve your kids’ abilities and stimulate their creativity and inclination to science. 

Stuffed Toys

These are playthings stuffed with flexible materials, and that explains why they are also called soft toys. The first thing that came to your mind reading this must have been teddy bears. Right? Almost every kid has or used to have a teddy bear. It’s a big part of kids’ lives, and some of them consider the teddy bears their friends and enjoy their companionship. The movie “Ted” by Seth MacFarlane comes to mind. So, as a parent, the onus is on you to ensure that the teddy bears are eco-friendly. Luckily, most recently made teddy bears are made of eco products i.e., sustainable cotton and recycled stuffing making them eco-friendly. However, do not just assume, make sure the teddy bears are organic and made of earth-friendly products.

Organic Modeling Clay Toys

Mom and daughter sculptingThese playthings are as eco-friendly as it gets and that’s evident from the name. They are not only safe toys, but they are also very fun to play with. The best part is that you do not have to worry about perfumes and parabens because they aren’t present in these eco-friendly playthings. Playing with this toy is so much fun for your children, and it gives them the ecstatic feeling that they are making their flowers and plants. Art-oriented kids will find these toys particularly useful.

In conclusion, getting the playthings mentioned above and other eco-friendly products for your children is the way to go in ensuring the safety of children and keeping our environments less toxic. Doing this also means you are training your kids to be conscious of their environment, which is a good thing for an eco-friendly future. If you have any additions and comments, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

Betti Wilson is an agricultural expert and a part-time teacher in Arizona. She’s passionate about creating an eco-friendly environment and has championed a couple of awareness campaigns in that regard. She also enjoys spending time with kids, and her other hobbies include reading, cooking, and teaching.