Getting in Touch With Green Money (A Sampler)

Watchdog and Research Organizations

"As You Sow, (415)391-3212, Represents SRI investors in a "dialogue" with corporations.

"Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES), (617)247-0700, A coalition of environmental, investor and advocacy groups that holds companies to a 10-point code of environmental conduct.

"Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), (212)870-2295, A coalition of religious investors working to promote corporate responsibility. Assists investors who wish to co-file resolutions.

"Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC), (212)833-0700, Offers an array of services for portfolio screening and corporate benchmarking. Provides information on shareholder activism and guidance on proxy voting worldwide.

"KLD Research & Analytics, (617)426-5270, Compiles social profiles on 3,000 U.S. companies, as well as global lists on controversial industry involvement. Maintains SRI benchmark indexes, including the Domini 400 Social Index.

"Social Investment Forum, (202)872-5319, A nonprofit membership group for financial professionals promoting the practice and growth of SRI.

SRI Books, Periodicals and Web Resources

"Published since 1988, the bimonthly Business Ethics magazine ( is the oldest and still-leading chronicler of the socially responsible business movement.

"The Divine Right of Capital: Dethroning the Corporate Aristocracy (Berrett-Koehler, $24.95) by E co-writer Marjorie Kelly "shows how the corporate mandate to maximize returns to shareholders is out of step with democratic and free-market ideals."

"GreenMoney Journal, (800)849-8751,, maintains both a well-trafficked website and a quarterly newsletter largely devoted to SRI.

"Investing with Your Values (New Society, $10.95), by Jack Brill, Hal Brill and Cliff Feigenbaum (publisher of the GreenMoney Journal) is a good choice for readers interested in making SRI investments.

"The Mindful Money Guide (Ballantine, $13) by E‘s co-writer, Marshall Glickman, is not restricted to social investing, but is written for people interested in integrating their values and aspirations with their finances.

"The SRI Advantage (New Society, $29.95), edited by Peter Camejo. The SRI Advantage is comprised of articles by a variety of SRI experts on mutual fund performance, community and international investing, and pension funds.


"Chittenden Bank, (800)545-2236,

"Self-Help Credit Union, (800)476-7428,

"ShoreBank Pacific/Eco Deposits, (877)326-4326,

Mutual Funds

"Calvert Financial Group, (800)368-2748,

"Citizens Funds, (800)223-7010,

"Domini Social Investments, (800)762-6814,

"Green Century Funds, (800)934-7336,

"New Alternatives Fund, (800)423-8383,

"PAX World Fund, (800)767-1729,

"Portfolio 21, (877)351-4115, ext. 21, (503)224-7828,

"Sierra Club Mutual Funds, (866)897-5982,

"Winslow Green Growth Fund, (888)314-9049,

Money Managers/Financial Consultants

"The Clean Yield, (800)809-6439,

"First Affirmative Financial Network, (800)422-7284

"Principle Profits, (800)972-3289,

"Progressive Asset Management Network, (800)786-2998,

"Trillium Asset Management, (800)548-5684,