E’s Green Home Picks: Chase Off the Chill A Clever Composter, an Electric Leaf Blower and a Cozy Organic Blanket

Chase the Chill

Bundle up in a luxurious Silk and Fleece Throw Blanket from Lifekind made of 100% organic cotton fleece and trimmed with “peace silk”—silk from cocoons where moths are allowed to break free. The ivory-colored blankets are handmade in the U.S. and measure 45” X 60”. lifekind.com

Scrap Happy

If you want to compost but are holding off because you lack a place for a designated pile or interest in maintaining it, the Automatic Compost Bin from NatureMill ($249/plastic exterior-$399/steel exterior) has you covered. The compact bin fits under your sink; you put food scraps in the upper chamber. Within days, the unit will mix it and add air until it breaks down, sans odor. You push a button to send the mixture to the lower tray, which fills with ready-to-use compost fertilizer that will make garden plants, houseplants or stoop plants happy plants. naturemill.com

Blow, Leaves, Blow

Raking is certainly the most sustainable way to manage your leaves, but with some big, tree-filled yards it’s not always doable. The next best option is an electric leafblower such as the 18 Volt Cordless Electric Leaf Blower by Earthwise ($79.99). It’s cordless, easily charged, blows up to 140 miles per hour and lightweight to minimize strain. cleanairgardening.com