Have an Eco Adventure


We know bicycles are one of the cleanest means of transportation. The next step is making sure the bike itself leaves the smallest impact possible. Trek makes it easy with the Eco Design bike by focusing on the bike’s lifecycle as much as its use. With tires made from sustainable harvest rubber and a recycled-steel frame, the Eco bikes are finished with powder coatings that contain no toxic paints or solvents. Any material cut off when making the bike grips or tires is reclaimed for new bikes.

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Fall weather evokes images of changing foliage, brisk walks and a comfy, if drab, sweater. Introduce color into your fall attire with Beau Monde Organics scarves ($90). Made with organic cotton from designer Stephanie Gale, the scarves feature a range of looks from subtle pastel prints to bold geometric shapes. —Shannon Gombos

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Handcrafted from recycled materials and avoiding destructively mined gold, Alex and Ani"s distinctive jewelry is perfect for the eco- and fashion-conscious. Their Byzantine Collection exudes decadence—lots of brilliant gold, exotic touches and bangles with extra bang. Personal favorites are the gold-feathered Thunderbird Cuff ($78.00) and the Zebra Stripe Feather Earrings ($78.00). —S.G.

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A simple, contemporary lamp capable of lighting a space from the comfort of its own packaging? It’s possible. The Knoend Lite2Go ($38) is wrapped in recycled polypropylene plastic packaging that, when opened, becomes the shade for the efficient bulb-and-lamp fixture inside. Used as a hanging or table lamp, the Lite2Go comes in clear, orange, blue, green or pink. Hemp twine is included for assembly, and the creatively inclined are encouraged to add their own decorative touches to the shades. —Rebecca Webster

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It’s not every day you find a T-shirt as soft as this. Human Wear T-shirts ($23-$32) for kids and grownups are made from recycled, organic, Fair Trade threads with earth-friendly dyes and inks, and feature such messages as "Communal Evolution," "Off the Grid" and "Greenlicious." The company even uses 100% recycled materials for its packaging, gift cards, labels and gift wrap. And a portion of Human Wear’s profits support efforts to close greyhound racing tracks in the U.S. —R.W.

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Got a roller derby or underwater hockey team? Then Camelbak wants to be your “Official Water Bottle." Just go to the website and apply for Camelbak’s water bottle to be your team’s official water bottle. The catch? Your team or club must be a non-traditional one with at least 10 members. In fact, the website says, "the quirkier the better." The activity must be fitness-based, with a website and Facebook page. —R.W.

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