Letters from our Readers

Setting An Example

The Four families featured in “Seriously Green” (July/August 1995) sounded like my kind of people. I recycle, compost and chop up my yard waste for mulch – and I repair, reuse, donate, precycle-that is, buy things with their reusability or recyclability in mind – and most important, resuse. I was born during the Depression, when doing things was second nature, due to limited budgets. In the days before we could recycle most of our waste, our camping club started a reuse project. I now have over 2,000 idea’s for reusing paper, plastic, tin and aluminum, wood, metal, wire, scrap paint, yarn, string, and cloth. We’ve even decorated Christmas trees with ornaments made of plastic bags and other trash. If enough people reuse, we can make a difference in the landfills!