Getting Your Boss on Board With Workplace Recycling An easy sell given the environmental and financial benefits

Environmentally friendly procedures and practices are becoming more standard and are financially advantageous choices for businesses to make. Companies are changing everything from the way their products are manufactured to the types of products their companies offer, all in order to reduce the negative effect we all have on the planet and the health of humanity.

Workplace Recycling. Credit: GotCredit.comThat being said, recycling on a day-to-day basis in the corporate world still has not gained significant attention or participation, while big business remains one of the major contributors of harmful waste affecting the planet. Industries responsible for producing most of the products we utilize, sell and need are in a unique position to reduce the negative impact we have on the planet, not just in their production and distribution methods, but also by altering their day-to-day operations and activities.

If your boss or board of directors has yet to buy into the whole green movement and you would like to steer your company in that direction, there are a few methods to entice higher-ups and fellow employees to start recycling on a daily basis.

Create Value

If you want to instigate change within your company in regards to the environment, the answer will not be an appeal to your boss’s higher nature. That’s not to say they do not possess a moral compass — it’s simply an acknowledgment of the arena in which you play.

Going green can be excellent for business, and many businesses are discovering that fact via reduced office supply costs and advantageous tax write-offs. In order to convince your business or company to make the commitment to recycle, discuss the various economic benefits and usefulness that can be gained.

Change the Culture

A huge aspect of any business will be its culture and to possess one of sustainability, and recycling can serve the environment in a major way. By making recycling an integral part of employees’ day-to-day actions and operations, you engage the company staff without disrupting productivity. If your company has an employee of the month award or something similar, introduce a prize for recycling. If you work in the food and beverage industry, start a composting system for organic waste or a donation program for the homeless.

These sustainability projects and practices instill an eco-friendly culture within your company, making things like recycling second nature to every member of the business, from the employees to the executives. It’s also a great way to attract positive customer and client attention, revealing to your business audience a keen awareness of the need for a healthier environment.

Introduce Competition

There’s no better motivator than healthy competition. If your company’s board of directors or CEO remains hesitant to make recycling a standard practice, they may react differently once they see how many of their contemporaries have already joined the green movement. Most small-business owners and executives are A-type personalities, so appealing to that mindset of inner competitiveness and desire for accomplishment can help expand corporate priorities to include the environment.

Show your executives the upward trend eco-friendly practices and programs are experiencing in the 21st century worldwide and how far behind they are. Reinforce the value you establish with the tantalizing opportunity to dominate or outpace your business competitors. Attach the act of recycling and eco-friendly practices with company pride and identity. It’s definitely manipulation to some degree, but it’s manipulation on the side of the angels.

Move Slowly

Aim for consistency over speed. Try not to present an overwhelming amount of changes, but one thing at a time.

A single recycling bin can evolve into a complete overhaul of office supply disposal and purchasing. One recycling award can result in voluntary office participation companywide. A single donation added to the company’s annual schedule can grow into an entire program or philanthropic branch of your business.

Changing a corporation for the better cannot happen overnight. It takes small steps, but can produce long-term results. While there are many specific ideas to consider when it comes to changing your business for the betterment of the environment, these broad strokes can serve to set you on the best path to initiate those ideas.

Ultimately it will come down to the specifics of your business and your abilities of persuasion, the conviction in which you approach the subject. If you’re passionate about the environment, make it your duty to ignite that spark at your workplace.