Behind the Greens


  • Costa Rica, Once Removed
    We set out to explore the more unexplored parts of Costa Rica, from a colorful city to a rainforest eco-lodge accessible only by boat.



  • Enlightened Indulgence
    Organic Chocolate Companies Help Make Calories Count Toward Conservation Whether you have found yourself ogling the assortment of gourmet truffles at a confectioner's shop or grabbing the nearest candy bar in the supermarket checkout aisle, you know that cravings for chocolate demand immediate satisfaction. But chocoholics beware! Your sweet tooth could be taking a bite […]


  • Pest Patrol
    Growers who want to avoid or reduce the use of pesticides have to find alternative ways to deter or eliminate pests from destroying crops. One technique that organic farmers and gardeners have been experimenting with for years is biological pest control—using beneficial insects, birds and bats to control pests in gardens and on farms. Introducing friendly insects, or building houses for birds and bats, has proven effective, but many warn that biological pest control should be seen as just one part of a gardener's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.


  • For the Birds
    Jane Alexander is best known for her on-screen and on-stage performances. She has won two Emmys, a Tony Award (for The Great White Hope) and has been nominated for four Academy Awards. Though she has made her name in films like Kramer vs. Kramer, All the President’s Men, The Cider House Rules and The Ring, […]


  • Hair to Dye For
    Natural Alternatives to Toxic Coloring Agents I was born to be a redhead, but that's not the color I got. The first time my hair dried to the glorious shade of red on the box of dye, I was hooked. I'm not alone: more than 50 million women in America dye their hair on a […]


  • Green Gifts for Guys
    Father’s Day Finds from Inner Tube Belts to Emergency Radios to Hoodies and the CrusherRADIO READY Whether you’re on a long hike, holding down the home fort during a storm, at the beach or otherwise away from civilization (and chargers), the Eton American Red Cross Portable Emergency Preparedness Radio (about $70) accepts power from four […]