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6 Reasons to Add Compost To Your Yard This Winter
climate change / global warming / environmental Why add compost to your lawn? It is an essential part of supporting your soil and a vital energy source for grass, especially given winter is coming. Read More
Stopping Future Wars by Saving Water at Home
climate change / global warming / environmental Water pollution is an insidious threat to our health given the dependence of humans and all animals (including the ones we eat) on safe water supplies. Read More
Plastic Waste: Are We Stuck With It Forever?
climate change / global warming / environmental Getting rid of plastic across the board is unrealistic, but learning how to use less — and recycle the rest — may be our best hope.  Read More
Aussie “I’m A Climate Scientist” Rap Gets Message Out Beyond The Choir
climate change / global warming / environmental Australian climate scientists flex their hip-hop muscles to show their rage about being ignored regarding global warming threats. Read More
Is Fall Foliage Compromised Due To Climate Change?
climate change / global warming / environmental Thanks to global warming, we can expect shorter and less intense fall foliage displays in the United States moving forward. Read More
Carbon Tax: Our Only Hope on Climate Change?
climate change / global warming / environmental As frightening as the IPCC’s predictions are, we’re not yet cooked. Congress can still protect us from climate change by passing a carbon tax now. Read More
Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Key To Personal and Environmental Health?
climate change / global warming / environmental A vegetarian or vegan diet can do wonders for your own health, not to mention the health of the planet and its other living inhabitants. Read More
Electric Vehicles: Choices Abound These Days
climate change / global warming / environmental New EVs from Audi, Volkwagen, Mini and others are giving Tesla some serious competition around the $35,000 price point. Read More

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